RCMP warns of scammers identifying as police officers via email

Posted: February 22, 2024 3:02 pm
By Web Team

RCMP NL is warning residents of a type of scam currently in circulation where the scammer is representing themselves as a police officer via email and is claiming to have a subpoena for the person they are contacting. Recently, a report was made from a victim who received an email from someone representing themselves as a police officer from an email address ending in ‘@rcmp-grc.gc.outlook.(com)’. The person claimed to have a subpoena for the victim.

The RCMP does NOT issue subpoenas via email. The RCMP also does NOT have an ‘outlook.com’ email address. Scam emails may contain links that are troublesome to the user if activated. We advise users NOT to click on links in these types of scam emails.

If you receive an email such as this, or any email that you think may be a scam, do not open it, click on links or respond to the email. Learn more about scams and how to protect yourself here: https://antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/index-eng.htm. RCMP NL asks the public to discuss this type of scam with elders in their family or community.

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