Rain returns Thursday afternoon


Skies will remain mostly clear across Newfoundland overnight, and temperatures will bottom out near the freezing mark. The exception will be GNP, where some showers are possible on the north end. Labrador will see areas of showers and flurries in the east and southeast end near sunrise Thursday, while western areas will see skies clear out. Lows range from 1 on the coast to -5 in the west.


The weather on the Island starts dry, but rain will work in from south to north during the afternoon. It will start earlier on the South Coast and Burin Peninsula, close to the lunch hour, and latest on the West Coast, in Central and farther east on the Avalon. In the former areas, it will be closer to supper time.

Meanwhile, Labrador will see a mostly sunny day, with highs of 4 to 12. It will be the coolest along the coast and warmest in and around Happy Valley-Goose Bay and westward to the Quebec Border.


Areas of showers and rain will be found over the Island, with some fog near the east and northeast shores. Highs will be in the 5 to 10 range. Labrador will see sunny skies and highs of 8 to 14.

The Longer Range

Looking ahead, the weekend and next week will remain drizzly, rainy, and potentially foggy over a large part of the Island thanks to a slow-moving area of low pressure. Temperatures will remain cool on the Island with highs of 6 to 13 on Saturday, the coolest east, and 10 to 15 on Sunday.

Rainfall totals | Thursday thru Saturday evening

The Big Land will see a decent Saturday, with highs near 4 on the coast to near 20 inland. Sunday will see showers move through the region, with perhaps some rain and snow along the coast.

Next week’s average MSLP pattern

Once through Sunday, an area of low pressure will make itself at home east or northeast of the Avalon. This low will linger through most of next week and will drive a very cool, damp, and foggy weather pattern over central and eastern portions of the Island. The South Coast, West Coast, and much of Labrador, on the other hand, will likely see much nicer weather!

The basic weather pattern for much of next week

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