New offer brings crab industry ‘closer to a solution,’ FFAW says

Posted: May 5, 2023 9:16 pm
By Web Team

For the first time in weeks, there are signs of hope for the crab sector.

The FFAW says the Association of Seafood Producers made an offer Friday bringing the industry closer to a solution this season.

Among the details:

  1. Price will not go below $2.20 a pound for remainder of the 2023 season;
  2. Both FFAW and ASP reserve the right for reconsiderations at prices above $2.20, so should market conditions improve, harvesters can submit a reconsideration for a higher price;
  3. Trip limits and scheduling will be enforced to ensure fairness and equity, and orderliness in the fishery

“There is also a strong commitment to buy crab for the whole season,” the FFAW said in a news release.

“The bargaining committee was presented with the offer this afternoon and followed-up with a virtual meeting with the Inshore Council and all Crab Chairs. Harvesters continue to express concern regarding the low price of $2.20 per pound, and whether companies are committing to buy for the whole season in all fisheries. Questions and concerns regarding the proposed trip limit schedule must also be resolved. Season extensions will also be requested to DFO.”

The FFAW leadership has requested to consult directly with their fleets over the next 24 hours and will report back findings for another call Saturday afternoon.

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