Bluebird skies kick off our Tuesday on the Island!

Posted: May 28, 2024 6:47 am
By Eddie Sheerr

After a cold start, many on the Island are in for a great Tuesday! In Labrador, the weather will not be as nice.

On the Island, expect plenty of sunshine with temperatures rising to the mid to upper teens, providing a warm and pleasant day for most areas. However, along the coast where southerly winds are blowing onshore, temperatures will be cooler, closer to 8 degrees. As we move into the afternoon, wind speeds will pick up on the Southwest Coast, with gusts potentially reaching up to 100 km/h by later today. This could make for quite a blustery evening, so be prepared if you’re in that area. Showers are anticipated to arrive in the southwest and along the west coast this evening, so keep your umbrellas handy. Meanwhile, Labrador will see rain moving in throughout the day, with highs reaching into the teens.

Looking ahead to Wednesday, we can expect a mix of weather across the region. Western, central, and southern parts of Newfoundland will experience rain, while eastern areas are likely to stay dry. Temperatures will remain mild, climbing into the middle and upper teens, but watch for areas of fog that could reduce visibility at times. Labrador will continue to see a mix of rain and snow, with snow primarily affecting the north and west and rain in the east and south. Highs will vary significantly, from a chilly 3 or 4 degrees in the colder areas to the teens in the warmer regions, so be sure to dress accordingly.

By Thursday, the rain over eastern Newfoundland is expected to end in the morning, making way for a brighter afternoon. Many areas will see the sun breaking through, with the potential for temperatures to soar into the 20s, offering a splendid warm-up. Labrador will also see improving weather conditions, providing a more settled end to the week.

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