The Crown entered the RNC video interview with Lulzim Jakupaj, 33, after his arrest in May 2016 (Photo: Ryan Harding/NTV)

Despite witness testimony, former cabbie Lulzim Jakupaj stuck to his story that he didn’t leave his car and enter his passenger’s Kilbride home.

On Wednesday, the Crown entered a second video interview with Jakupaj. This time it wasn’t a voluntary conversation. It was held May 27, 2016, after Jakupaj was arrested and charged with the Kilbride break and enter that happened a week earlier.

Jakupaj was questioned for three and a half hours after his arrest about the alleged break and enter and two separate sexual assault charges (Photo: Ryan Harding/NTV)

In the interview, Sgt. Colin McNeil of the RNC explains to Jakupaj that neighbours had given statements claiming a man matching Jakupaj’s description lingered around the home before leaving his vehicle and was then seen running back to the cab before driving away. Jakupaj stuck to his previous story.

“No Way,” Jakupaj said. “A minute to check the back seat for items maybe, but not several minutes … I didn’t exit the car.”

In the interview, Jakupaj couldn’t explain why multiple sources would create false statements questioning perhaps he was set up and continuously citing how calm he was and that that shows he was ‘clean’.

“I don’t need to assault anyone,” Jakupaj boasted in the video. “We can go right now and I can get at least four girls to have drinks with me. Why would I ruin my life when I can pick and choose?”

Lulzim Jakupaj (right) with defence lawyer Jason Edwards (right) (Photo: Ryan Harding/NTV)

In the video from last May, Jakupaj is also questioned about two March sexual assaults he is charged with. That portion of the interview is not being used in this trial as Jakupaj has a second trial beginning this fall.

The break and enter trial resumes this afternoon with more video evidence.

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