Monday the Newfoundland and Labrador Environmental Industry Association is expected to issue a challenge to companies and individuals to offset 5,000 tones of pollution by buying offsets.

Sharp Management say they are the only company to generate carbon offsets locally. Glenn Sharp says if your drive or fly you are generating a carbon footprint.
In this province, every person generates about 12 to 18 tonnes of carbon emissions a year, that is below the national average of 15 to 20 tons per year. Sharp Management has gone into the waste water treatment business, using wetlands to replace treatment plants. Each treatment system is expected to save 5,000 tons of pollutants per year, offsets you can buy. Glenn Sharp says 50 per cent of the income goes back to the town, while the remainder is invested in future developments. Current waste water treatment projects have been built in Appleton-Glenwood and Stephenville.