Newfoundland Forecast

Rain and rain showers are likely tonight across the Island as a trough moves up from the south. For most of us, another 5-10 mm can be expected.

A bit more may fall on the Northern Peninsula after midnight. Low temperatures range from near 5° on the Northern Peninsula, to closer to 10° just about everywhere else.

Tuesday will be nicest day since the beginning of last week! Expect mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers… particularly during the afternoon. Highs across the Island will again be into the teens! Northern areas, aside from the Northern Peninsula, will see readings into the mid-teens by afternoon!


An area of low pressure will take shape near the Island on Wednesday, and bring yet more rain to central and eastern Newfoundland. Western areas, and the Great Northern Peninsula, will likely see rain changing to snow Wednesday morning. The snow will persist through Wednesday and some accumulation is likely. The low will move very slowly and central will see a chance of snow on Thursday, while eastern areas see rain changing to snow on Thursday. Temperatures both days hold in the lower to middle single numbers.


The weather looks to improve by Friday, as the low pulls away. Temperatures, however, will be chilly, with highs near freezing Island-wide both Friday and Saturday.

Labrador Forecast

Labrador will see rain and snow tonight. The snow will be found in the north, rain will change to snow in the West, and rain will be found in the southeast. Rainfall amounts look to be in the 5-10 mm range from Goose Bay to Cartwright, points south. Along the North Coast, snowfall tonight will be wet and could amount to as much as 10 cm. Lows range from near freezing in the North and west to single numbers above freezing in the southeast.


More rain will be found in the southeast on Tuesday, while northern and western areas see more in the way of snow. Several more centimetres may fall in the north, while up to 5 cm will fall in Labrador West. Up to 10 mm of rain is likely in the southeast. Highs range form near 4 in the southeast, to near freezing in the north and west.

lab-tomorrow Expect widespread snow and flurries across the Big Land on Wednesday, with steadier snow in the southeast, where some accumulation is likely. Temperatures will be near freezing in the east to well below in the north and west. Flurries linger on Thursday, with highs near 0 in the east to -6 in the north and west. Friday and Saturday look dry across the Big Land, with highs near -5.