Two men pleaded guilty to manslaughter Thursday morning for the death of 25-year-old Steven Miller.

Of the four men originally charged with murder, three have now reached plea deals with the Crown for lesser charges.

John Chesley Lucas, 23, and Calvin Kenney, 26, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, robbery, unlawful confinement and arson. The pair will be sentenced later this month.

Last week, 20-year-old Kyle Morgan pleaded guilty to being an accessory after the fact to manslaughter. He will likely be sentenced next week.


A fourth man, Paul Connolly, has a preliminary inquiry scheduled for next month.

The facts of the case are still under a publication ban, but police have said that Miller was abducted in a violent home invasion in Seal Cove. The house was set on fire and Miller was stabbed to death. His body was found in Kelligrews hours after the fire.

That same morning, Connolly was found unconscious, suffering from stab multiple stab wounds in Paradise.

A number of victim impact statements are expected at the sentencing hearings. A sentencing recommendation is also part of the plea deal.