Gordon Bishop, 32, is charged with aggrevated assault against an RNC officer (Photo: Ryan Harding/NTV)

Gordon Bishop, 32, is accused of dragging an RNC officer by his car after fleeing the scene of a break and enter three years ago.

Bishop, among other charges, is facing aggravated assault against an officer, assault against a second officer and break and enter.

Police responded to a break and enter at Peter Easton Pub in January 2015 (Photo: Bart Fraize/NTV)

Three officers responded to a call in the early hours of a January morning in 2015. On Tuesday, as the trial began, those officers recalled the brief yet chaotic minutes at Peter Easton Pub.

Cst. Devon Thompson was one of three officers to respond to Peter Easton Pub (Photo: Ryan Harding/NTV)

Cst. Devon Thompson testified Tuesday morning that he and another officer were inside the pub investigating when they heard the screams of the third officer outside.


Once outside Thompson testified that he saw the female officer dangling from a vehicle. The vehicle picked up speed and the officer was thrown into the street hitting her head.

The officer alleged to have been dragged by a vehicle is expected to take the stand this afternoon when the trial resumes.