The government faced questions about the provincial budget in the House of Assembly Wednesday. The Tories say the province is still on an unsustainable path, while the NDP chastised the Liberals for putting the squeeze on Memorial University. But the Liberals don’t think there will be any cost to separating the oil and gas division from Nalcor.

Meanwhile, Justice Richard LeBlanc released a statement clarifying spending by the Muskrat Falls inquiry.

“The budget that the Commission submitted to the Government of Newfoundland and
Labrador for Fiscal Years 2018/19 and 2019/20 was significantly lower than the $33.7 million that was stated in yesterday’s provincial budget,” the statement says. “It is the inquiry’s understanding that in addition to the amount it submitted, government added costs to cover its participation in the Inquiry, as well as a contingency for unforeseen expenditures.

“Furthermore, the inquiry understands that the provincial budget included amounts for
other anticipated inquiries. The inquiry wishes to assure the public that priority is being given to fiscal prudence in everything it does. It will spend only that which is necessary to respond to its mandate.”


NTV’s Michael Connors reports.