Lulzim Jakupaj of Kosovo faces a single count of break and enter (Photo: Ryan Harding/NTV)

The female passenger that Jakupaj dropped off at the Kilbride apartment he allegedly broke into in May testified today by phone.

The 22-year-old couldn’t remember the cab company or vehicle colour but claims that nothing out of the ordinary came from the taxis ride from George Street to Kilbride. There was no conversation past giving directions and she didn’t take the time to look at the driver’s face.

It’s alleged that after Jakupaj dropped the woman off at her destination he waiting a few minutes and followed her inside uninvited resulting in an altercation with her ex boyfriend.

Jonathon Courish was in bed when he allegedly heard and saw an intruder in his apartment (Photo: Ryan Harding/NTV)

That ex boyfrind, Jonathon Courish, testified yesterday that there was a ‘pungent’ smell of cologne left in the apartment by the intruder. Today, the female passenger testified no such smell was remembered from the cab that night.

Lulzim Jakupaj (right) with defence lawyer Jason Edwards (right) (Photo: Ryan Harding/NTV)

The crown presented RNC video of an interview with Jakupaj close to 15 hours after the alleged incident. In May 2016 Jakupaj answered voluntarily and in the interview recalled dropping the girl off only to immediately return downtown for a new fare.

The trial is scheduled for the entire week and will resume this afternoon.

Jakupaj is also facing two sexual assault charges stemming from on-the-job accusations. That trial is set for the fall.



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