St. John’s City Hall


Water main break or maintenance caused manganese problems, city says

The City of St. John's says manganese levels from the Petty Harbour-Long Pond water supply are decreasing. City Hall also believes it has uncovered...

Former councillor urges cuts after St. John’s City Hall warns tax hike coming

Taxies will go up in the next budget at St. John's City Hall. the city needs to make up a $12-million shortfall if service...

Reports of discoloured water decreasing, St. John’s City Hall reports

The City of St. John's says the number of discoloured water reports have decreased since problems emerged at the Petty Harbour-Long Pond water supply....

St. John’s City Hall cracking down on illegal signs

St. John's City Hall is cracking down on illegal signs used by many businesses to advertise. NTV's Heather Gillis reports.

How to navigate the new Rawlins Cross roundabout

The City of St. John's has released a new video demonstrating how to navigate the Rawlins Cross intersection when it turns into a roundabout...

St. John’s City Hall prepares list of improvements needed to reopen Cochrane Pond campsite

St. John's City Hall is preparing a list of improvements for campers at Cochrane Pond. The campsite was closed last week because of safety...

Cochrane Pond camp site shut down because of safety concerns

The summer camping season has been cut short at the Cochrane Pond camp ground. St. John's City Hall has closed the park because of...

City to change how it notifies public for upcoming blasting operations

St. John's mayor Danny Breen says the city is going to change the way it notifies the public when blasting in the metro area...

Danny Williams asks for mediation with city over Galway snow storage dispute

Danny Williams sent a letter to all St. John's city councillors on Wednesday asking that the dispute over snow storage space go to mediation...

Danny Williams wants Galway transferred to Mount Pearl

Galway developer Danny Williams is still fighting with St. John's City Hall. Now, he's calling on the province to transfer the land to Mount...