PC leadership


PC leadership candidates debate Nalcor ‘deep state’

Political science students at Memorial University had a unique class exercise Thursday, hosting a debate of the two PC Party leadership candidates, Ches Crosbie...

Crosbie calls on prime minister to replace federal fisheries minister

PC leadership candidate Ches Crosbie is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to immediately reverse his government's decision to reallocate portion of the Grand...

Ches Crosbie calls for workplace harassment policy for House of Assembly

There were more developments in the PC leadership race on Monday. Former party leader Len Simms has endorsed Tony Wakeham for the Tory leadership....

Tony Wakeham promises to introduce recall legislation if elected premier

PC leadership candidate Tony Wakeham wants to give voters the right to remove MHAs from office for breaking promises. He promises to introduce recall...

Tony Wakeham says health care reform should happen outside budget process

PC leadership candidate Tony Wakeham released his platform for the Health Care system on Friday. Wakeham says if he becomes premier, he will create...

Ches Crosbie argues province’s politicians have lost will to make hard choices

PC leadership candidate Ches Crosbie is calling for a profound change in political thinking in the province. He has written a report that argues...

Ches Crosbie vows to cut 15 per cent insurance tax if elected premier

PC leadership candidate Ches Crosbie vows to repeal the 15 per cent tax on insurance premiums if he becomes premier. It's a move that...

Former federal minister Loyola Hearn endorses Ches Crosbie for PC leadership

PC leadership candidate Ches Crosbie is racking up more endorsements. The latest came from former federal cabinet minister Loyola Hearn.  

Tory president apologizes for error in deadline to register voters for leadership race

Poor communication about the PC leadership rules has left Tony Wakeham with less time than he expected to sign up supporters. Party president Graydon...

Next PC leader has to show ‘better way forward’ than Liberals, Paul Davis says

Paul Davis will hand the reins of the PC party to his successor next April. In his year-end interview, Davis said the challenge for...