Cathy Bennett ‘not going to apologize’ after NAPE says she derailed contract talks

A new war of words broke out Monday between NAPE and the provincial government. That's after Finance Minister Cathy Bennett said there had been...

NAPE says numbers show privatizing adult basic education a mistake

The province privatized adult basic education programs in 2013. At the time, NAPE said it was a mistake. Now, the union says it has...

NAPE launches another ad campaign against provincial government

The province's largest union has launched another public relations campaign against the government. NAPE warns the latest attack ads are just the beginning.

Government, NAPE accuse each other of undermining contract talks

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NDP suggests government forcing public sector strike to save money

The provincial government may be trying to force a public sector strike to save money, charges NDP leader Earle McCurdy. That's after the province...

NAPE warns temporary employees to get ready for bumping

NAPE is advising public servants holding temporary positions in the provincial government to get ready for bumping at the end of March.

NAPE says strike will be ‘last resort’

The province has set the stage for a tough round of collective bargaining with the NAPE and CUPE. Today NAPE president Jerry Earle says...

Storm brewing between government and public service

A storm is brewing between the province and the public service over contract negotiations. The province has requested conciliation for six NAPE bargaining units...

NAPE ‘blindsided’ as province seeks conciliation in contract talks

The provincial government has asked for conciliation with six bargaining units, NAPE announced Thursday morning. The province's largest union is calling it an unprecedented move...

Public sector unions still oppose sunshine list after Bill 61 signed into law

Bill 61 was signed into law Wednesday, setting the stage for the province to release its first sunshine list next year. Names and salaries...