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Another expert witness argues Graham Veitch not criminally responsible for murder

A forensic psychiatrist who examined Graham Veitch for the Crown supported the argument Tuesday that Veitch is not criminally responsible for killing David Collins...

Psychiatrist testifies Graham Veitch not criminally responsible for murder

An expert witness at the Graham Veitch murder trial believes Veitch was not criminally responsible. Dr. Nizar Ladha testified Monday that he diagnosed Veitch...

Preliminary inquiry set for murder charge against Kirk Keeping

Kirk Keeping has had a date set for his preliminary inquiry in the fall. He's charged with murder for the death of Chantel John....

Trent Butt sentenced to life in prison for murdering daughter

For the family of slain five-year-old Quinn Butt, justice has come one day shy of the third anniversary of her murder. On Tuesday, the...

‘We got justice for Quinn,’ Andrea Gosse says after Trent Butt’s guilty verdict

Quinn Butt's mother, Andrea Quinn, emerged from Supreme Court in tears after her ex-husband, Trent Butt, was found guilty of first-degree murder for the...

Trent Butt guilty of first-degree murder

Trent Butt has been found guilty of first degree murder in the death of his five-year-old daughter, Quinn Butt. The jury reached their decision around...

Graham Veitch murder trial hears emotional testimony

There was dramatic and emotional testimony Thursday at the Graham Veitch murder trial. Warning: some of the details may be disturbing.

Jury watch begins in Trent Butt murder trial

It's been an emotional trial with many tears shed. After five days of testimony and evidence, Trent Butt's fate is now with 12 jurors....

Court hears evidence of Graham Veitch’s bizarre behaviour after murder arrest

The court heard evidence Wednesday about Graham Veitch's bizarre behaviour after he was arrested for murder for the bludgeoning death of David Collins.

Can’t remember killing his own daughter, Trent Butt testifies

Trent Butt testified in his own defence on Tuesday. He said he can't remember killing his five-year-old daughter. NTV's Kelly-Anne Roberts reports.