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Nutritionist approves students taking stand against dining hall food

Students at MUN have taken a stand against the quality of food served in the dining hall. A local nutritionist says students have a...

Former town of Windsor hopes to revive once thriving main street

The former town of Windsor once had a thriving main street. Now the community is hoping to bring some of that prosperity back. NTV's...

MUN vice-president says proposed law school would be cost neutral

Memorial University's Senate has endorsed a proposal for a law school. Vice-President Academic Norren Golfman says the faculty would be cost-neutral. NTV's Heather Gillis...

MUN reaches tentative agreements with faculty and lecturers’ unions

Memorial University has reached tentative agreements with both the Faculty Association and the Lecturers' Union. Both unions will have to bring the agreements to their...

3D printing body parts helps surgeons practice complex surgery

Practice makes perfect in all things, including medicine. Memorial University has come up with a way to help doctors get the practice they need...

Records of Joey Smallwood’s personal life found among his files at MUN

Joey Smallwood remains a towering figure in Newfoundland and Labrador history. He is remembered as the province's first premier, but there is another side...

Instructors vote for strike action at Memorial University

Instructors and post-doctoral fellows at Memorial University have voted in favour of strike action. PSAC says wages, child care and top-ups in benefits are...

Project honours Memorial University’s origins on Parade Street

It's the birthplace of higher education in Newfoundland. Memorial University's old Parade Street campus was "memorialized" on Tuesday. NTV's Leila Beaudoin reports.

Memorial University looks for solution to parking woes

Parking has long been a nightmare at Memorial University's St. John's campus. The university is exploring an option to solve the problem. NTV's Beth...

MUN’s business faculty launches student-managed investment fund

Memorial University's Faculty of Business launched its first student-managed investment fund on Tuesday. As NTV's Kelly-Anne Roberts reports, students are investing real money equity...