memorial university

Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers to receive honorary degrees from Memorial University

Memorial University's spring convocation will see more than 2,500 graduate and undergraduate students recognized for years of hard work. The iconic group Buddy Wasisname and...

Johnson Geo Centre donated to Memorial University

Memorial University has added another part of Signal Hill to its campus. The Johnson Geo Centre was donated to the university on Friday.

Parking rates doubling for students and staff at MUN

Students and staff at Memorial University will soon have to pay double for parking on campus. NTV's Beth Penney reports.

Parking permit fees increased for St. John’s residents and students

Drivers in St. John's and at Memorial university will soon be paying more for parking. The Residential on-street Parking Permit fee will increase from $15...

MUN students talk about how to ‘unlearn’ racism

A group of students at Memorial University are tackling racism from a different angle. They argue if racism is a learned behaviour, then it...

Nutritionist approves students taking stand against dining hall food

Students at MUN have taken a stand against the quality of food served in the dining hall. A local nutritionist says students have a...

Former town of Windsor hopes to revive once thriving main street

The former town of Windsor once had a thriving main street. Now the community is hoping to bring some of that prosperity back. NTV's...

MUN vice-president says proposed law school would be cost neutral

Memorial University's Senate has endorsed a proposal for a law school. Vice-President Academic Norren Golfman says the faculty would be cost-neutral. NTV's Heather Gillis...

MUN reaches tentative agreements with faculty and lecturers’ unions

Memorial University has reached tentative agreements with both the Faculty Association and the Lecturers' Union. Both unions will have to bring the agreements to their...

3D printing body parts helps surgeons practice complex surgery

Practice makes perfect in all things, including medicine. Memorial University has come up with a way to help doctors get the practice they need...