Opioid treatment expands in Gander

Gander recently installed boxes for used needles. Now there is another effort underway to deal with opioid use. NTV's Colleen Lewis reports.

President resigns as RCMP investigate Gander Lions Club’s finances

The president of the Gander Lions Club has resigned as the RCMP investigate the club's finances. But the new president says the club is...

Gander taking action on proper needle disposal

Discarded needles are a problem that has spread to almost all communities, including in rural areas. Gander wants to make sure it has proper...

Police believe chainsaw used in attempted break and enter

Gander RCMP received a report of an attempted break in at Quimby Apartments on March 24th around 8:00 am. Once on the scene, officers...

Commissioner finds Gander did not comply with information request

The province's privacy commissioner released a report Wednesday that found the Town of Gander was not compliant with a recent request for information. NTV's...

Town councils raise salaries to compensate loss of federal tax break

Municipalities have had to make tough decisions about council salaries this year after Ottawa ended a tax break that gave councillors at top-up. The...

Gander town council raises taxes for businesses and residents

Businesses and homeowners in Gander will see an increase in taxes next year. The local chamber of commerce says the 2019 budget is a...

MADD launches red ribbon campaign in Gander

Mothers Against Drunk Driving launched their 2018 red ribbon campaign in Gander this week. NTV's Colleen Lewis reports.

Gander newspaper ad on relationships with teacher causes reaction

A newspaper ad in Gander is causing a lot of reaction. It's asking women who may have had a relationship with a teacher to...

No sign of replacement for aging SAR building in Gander

A contractor refused to work at 103 Search and Rescue squadron in Gander last week after asbestos dust was found in the aging building....