FFAW members block trucks carrying snow crab in South Brook

There's a dispute underway South Brook where members of the FFAW have blocked two trucks carrying snow crab. The crab was destined for the plant...

Harvesters blocking out-of-province crab from landing, FFAW says

Fish harvesters are mobilizing to block out-of-province crab from landing in Newfoundland and Labrador, the FFAW said in a news release Sunday evening. The Association...

FFAW calls for action on seal population to protect cod stocks

The FFAW is calling for action on the seal population after cod stock assessments show shocking mortality rates linked to seals.

FFAW hopes $1-billion cheque makes point about saving crab grounds from oil industry

The FFAW tried to make a point Monday by submitting a $1-billion cheque to the C-NLOPB. The union can't actually buy an exploration licence,...

FFAW raises alarm about dead farmed salmon on south coast

Hundreds of thousands of salmon are dead. They were part of a sea farm on the south cost of Newfoundland, and the FFAW is...

Things getting physical between FFAW and FISH-NL

Things are getting physical between the FFAW and FISH-NL. Emotions boiled over Wednesday night with accusations flying from both camps. NTV's Beth Penney reports.