FISH-NL finally gets hearing with Labour Relations Board

FISH-NL finally got a critical hearing Monday with the Labour Relations Board that could make or break its future. The upstart union and its...

Labour Relations Board says no to livestreaming FISH-NL hearing

The Labour Relations Board has unanimously rejected FISH-NL's request to livestream a critical hearing next week. Ryan Cleary says that means thousands of harvesters...

FFAW and FISH-NL optimistic about new federal fisheries minister

The FFAW and FISH-NL are both optimistic after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shuffled Dominic LeBlanc out of the fisheries portfolio this week and moved...

Date finalized for FISH-NL hearing with Labour Relations Board

A date has finally been set for the Federation of Independent Sea Harvesters of Newfoundland and Labrador’s (FISH-NL) hearing before the province’s Labour Relations...

Nothing settled after FFAW and FISH-NL meet with labour board

Nothing was settled after members of FISH-NL and the FFAW met with the Labour Relations Board on Tuesday. The upstart union still wants numbers...

FFAW bars FISH-NL cardholders from running for executive positions

Another front has opened up in the battle between the FFAW and FISH-NL. The FFAW has barred anyone who signed a FISH-NL card from...

FFAW wants to move on from FISH-NL battle, but Ryan Cleary not quitting

The FFAW says it's time to move on and heal the divisions in the fishing industry after the Labour Relations Board confirmed its membership...

FFAW says Labour Board numbers support them in fight against FISH-NL

The FFAW says the Labour Relations Board has confirmed its membership numbers at more than 9,000. The union argues that means FISH-NL did not...

Fisheries union encouraged by research showing good things for lobster

The FFAW is encouraged by research showing lobster may be on the cusp of an economic boom. NTV's Don Bradshaw reports.

Fishery rivals united in anger at federal Arctic surf clam decision

For once, all fishery stakeholders seem to agree. Unified anger is mounting against a decision by federal minister Dominic LeBlanc to take away 25...