Carol Anne Haley, the minister responsible for the status of women, is considering running for speaker of the House of Assembly.

Haley told NTV News she has been receiving encouragement to run, and she agrees with those who say now is an opportune time for the House to elect its first female speaker.

“It’s something I am considering, yes,” Haley wrote.

MHAs will have to elect a new speaker when the House reopens Nov. 4 because Perry Trimper was appointed to cabinet. Deputy Speaker Scott Reid is filling in as acting speaker until then.

The House’s standing orders state that ministers of the Crown are not eligible to be elected speaker, so Haley would have to resign her cabinet post. But no decisions have to be made until the nomination deadline of Nov. 1, assuming the government sticks to the scheduled opening date.

Four Liberal MHAs, including Haley, are either testing the waters or have not ruled out running. Reid says he is likely to run, while Derrick Bragg says he is weighing his options. Pam Parsons, who ran for the job in 2017, is undecided.

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