Maria Mulchay, 28, doesn’t have a typical job. Originally from St. John’s, she teaches in Iraq. Last year, she worked with refugees helping them through art-therapy, and is now fundraising to empower young women in Afghanistan through a sport that energizes her.

Mulchay is a runner. She is coming home to run the Tely 10 in St. John’s in July. As she prepares for the race she is asking for monetary donations in support of Free To Run in Afghanistan, a not-for-profit organization that uses physical activities and adventure to empower and educate women and girls who have been affected by conflict.

“Moving here as a single woman, I was able to see how it feels to be restricted and limited,” says Mulchay, who hopes running will help women feel a sense of freedom.

Mulchay has been living and working in Iraq for two years. She says living in Iraq can be lonely and that’s why she took up running. Now she is hoping to spread that same energy to other women in the Middle East by running a race in support of women living in conflict.


Mulchay, alongside her cousin Adam Gilbert, hopes to raise $2,000 dollars for the NGO.

You can learn more about her race here: