After coming off an impressive inaugural season (30-19), the St. John’s Edge are looking to build on the momentum garnered last year.

“There’s been some shuffling with players, we’re getting closer to finalizing our roster now. I feel really good about our group heading into camp,” explained Edge’s head coach Doug Plumb.

Training camp this season will look a little different than last years. For the 2017-2018 season the Edge had to throw everything together on a tight timeline, I mean close to everything… a coaching staff, a team name, logo, color scheme, jersey’s and a roster. Heading into camp last year almost all spots on the roster were up for grabs. This year the Edge have 15-16 guys coming into camp and will be trimming those numbers down to approximately 13 by the start of the regular season.

“The guys coming into camp are great people, their warriors,” says Plumb. “We have really, really good people coming to camp and they’ll be arriving in two to three days.”

There will be several familiar names on the teams training camp roster including Carl English, Desmond Lee, and Jaryn Skeete as well as former league MVP Gabe Freeman. One name that remains off the teams roster however is fan favorite Charles Hinkle…

“When I took the job in July [head coaching position], Charles was the first person I called,” said Plumb, who explains he offered Hinkle a contract then but the American had dreams of playing overseas. “We offered him a pretty solid contract, pretty solid bonuses in there, my advice to Charles at the time was take the contract and you can still vet the options overseas, he didn’t want to do that so we kinda went about the process of building out our team. Last week we opened up the door again with Charles, we tried to close the deal, we put the deal out the other day and unfortunately he didn’t want to take it.”

The Edge will begin training camp in St. John’s on October 29th and will run in the capital for four days before heading out to Grand-Falls Winsor for nine more days of camp, similar to how European teams run training camps. The team will run two-a-days in St. John’s, trim the roster down a little and then head out to central Newfoundland.

“The first four days of training camp are going to be focused on scrimmaging,” explains Plumb. “We really want to see what these guys can do, I want to put a huge emphasize this year on just letting the players figuring it out, putting in a general framework then allowing them to just figure it out on their own.”

The Edge will return to St. John’s just six days before the season starts, when they’ll travel to London to take on the reigning champions in the lightning.