The St. John’s Edge basketball team is under a week away from tipping off the 2018-2019 regular season, on the road, against the defending champions, the London Lighting. That’s the same team that dashed the Edge’s dreams of a championship last season. In it’s opening weekend the Edge will have a roster full of new faces but it could be missing its head coach, Doug Plumb.

The National Basketball League of Canada has suspended the Edge’s new head coach Plumb two games for violations of the NBL’s tampering rules. Tampering violations usually involve interacting with a restricted free agent. According to sources, the league knew of the tampering earlier this summer and dismissed it. However, on Nov. 6 they filed the suspension against Plumb. The suspension also comes with a fine. The team is appealing the violation – which could mean Plumb will be standing on the sidelines with his team in London this weekend.