The Speaker of the House of Assembly says the rules were followed properly when Christopher Mitchelmore was allowed to vote on his own discipline last week.

Independent MHA Paul Lane had been calling for a revote. He argued that Standing Order 20, which prohibits MHAs from voting on questions in which they have a “pecuniary” or direct monetary interest, should have applied.

But in a statement, Speaker Scott Reid said Thursday night’s vote was a disciplinary matter and Standing Order 20 did not apply.

“Matters related to Code of Conduct are matters of Privilege, as it is only the House that has the right to discipline its Members,” the statement read. “:For related votes on such matters previously, all Members present voted, including those Members who were the subject of the matter of Privilege or Code of Conduct complaint. This is a disciplinary matter, not a matter of pecuniary interest (Standing Order 20).


“All Members of the House of Assembly have the ability to raise a Point of Order at the time of a perceived infraction. No Points of Order were raised at the time of the vote on Thursday, December 5.

“With respect to revisiting decisions of the House (votes), the applicable provision of Standing Order 49 is noted: ‘No Member may reflect upon any vote of the House except for the purpose of moving that such vote be rescinded.'”