It’s been months after two marijuana dispensaries were raided in downtown St. John’s with the arrests of six people.

And so far Рno charges. Late last year officers with the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (CFSEU) seized a quantity of marijuana, shatter and drug-infused brownies and cookies when they raided Cannaleaf Medical Dispensary on Water Street.

Police also seized a vehicle and a large amount of cash. Police arrested four people, but they have never been charged. Cannaleaf later went out of business.

In January, two people were arrested in a raid¬†at the Healing Tree on Water Street. The Combined Forces Unit again executed a search warrant and seized what they described as a large amount of marijuana products and some cash. That raid didn’t come as a surprise to the store’s Vancouver-based owner, who claimed they weren’t selling, but simply displaying the products. Again, the two arrested were never charged. Police still maintain it’s illegal to set pot – up until the law charges in 2018.

Police say that law will continue to be enforced.