Testimony today in Supreme Court showed that even after a fatal collision on the New Harbour Barrons three years ago, one of the drivers charged with street racing causing death continued to pass vehicles at a high rate of speed. Steven Mercer was not involved in the accident that killed 18-year-old Hannah Thorne and injured her grandmother. She was killed when a pickup truck, driven by Brian King, slammed head on into their vehicle. The larger pickup truck was driving on the wrong side of the road, passing other vehicles. The crown says Mercer was racing King and they are both responsible for the teenager’s death. Five witnesses took the stand today with one describing Mercer’s driving after the collision. He said the car continued to pass other vehicles, including his, at a high rate of speed, passing on blind hills and when unsafe to do so. He feared the car was going to hit him. Others described the two vehicles prior to the accident, weaving in and out of traffic with several near misses with oncoming vehicles. The trial will continue tomorrow morning with another four witnesses expected to take the stand.