School councils alarmed by survey on student safety

The latest school climate survey by the Department of Education finds 10-20 per cent of students feel unsafe at school. The survey examines a number of issues ranging from bullying to learning opportunities. Students, especially those in elementary school, feel most vulnerable in unsupervised spaces such as change rooms and buses. NTV’s Dave Squires reports.

One thought on “School councils alarmed by survey on student safety

  1. Brian

    Digital audio/video recording devices are very inexpensive. I would propose that each school bus have several such recording devices to be in use whenever a student is onboard. Monitoring of change rooms by the school should not even be considered. What if stalls similar to those in washrooms were installed in change rooms so kids could change in privacy? This would lessen the likelyhood of being ‘picked on’ by others.

    Bullying today is very different from previous generations. Modern technology makes it so easy to mimic behaviour so popular on (some) reality TV, entertainment news, latenight talkshows and by celebreties sensationalizing excessive drama and mean-spirited behaviour.

    Schools should better embrace modern technology and put it to better use to protect and educate kids so they can focus on growing up to be better people, and less about whether someone is going to text embarrassing pictures or rumours about them.

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