The head of the provincial public service is also working as the lawyer for a man suing Crown corporation Nalcor for wrongful dismissal, court documents show.

Bern Coffey is the clerk of the executive council, making him the top bureaucrat in the province. But he is also involved in a lawsuit against the provincially-owned energy corporation, Nalcor.

Court documents filed April 5 show Coffey is representing Adel Ebrahim, a geoscientist who is suing Nalcor’s oil and gas division for wrongful dismissal. As clerk of the executive council, Coffey is also the chair of the committee that provides oversight for Muskrat Falls, a hydroelectric project managed by a separate division of Nalcor.

Coffey was appointed clerk last September by Premier Dwight Ball. The opposition challenged Coffey’s appointment because he once ran for the leadership of the Liberal party. The clerk is supposed to be a non-political position.

A Nalcor spokesperson would not comment on the situation, saying that Nalcor does not speak about cases that are before the courts.