The provincial government unveiled the new vaccine passport for Newfoundland and Labrador on Thursday.

The two applications, NLVaxPass for residents and NLVaxVerify for businesses, will be available for free on Google Play and in the Apple App Store, starting Friday morning, Oct. 8.

The vaccine passport is a certified record of proof of vaccination that will allow access to a business or venue for non-essential and recreational activities. Residents of the province who are fully vaccinated or have an approved medical exemption will be provided a COVID-19 vaccination record in the form of a QR code. The record can then be scanned and loaded into the NLVaxPass app for presentation at a business or venue. The app also has the ability to store multiple family member records.

To obtain a proof of vaccination record QR code, residents can download the app and follow the instructions, or visit the COVID-19 Vaccine Portal or MyGovNL. Individuals who do not have access to technology or family/friends to assist, may call 1-833-951-3859 to request a printed copy, or visit their local public library.

Residents will be asked for identification to verify that they are the holder of their COVID-19 vaccination record. Photo identification is required for people aged 19 and older. For those fully vaccinated between the ages of 12-18, proof of identity can be in the form of a birth certificate, MCP card, or other identification that includes their name and date of birth.

There will be a two-week grace period for residents and businesses to download the apps before requirement for entry.

For an overview of the vaccine passport and commonly asked questions, please visit the COVID-19 webpage.

Where proof of vaccination is required

By October 22, 2021, you must be fully vaccinated or have an approved medical exemption in order to access the following businesses and settings:

  • Gatherings of any size that are hosted at a recognized business or organization, a rental room, community centre, or other venues used to host gatherings (e.g. weddings, funerals, birthday parties, baby showers, faith-based gatherings)
  • Arenas
  • Indoor gyms and fitness facilities, yoga studios, and dance studios
  • Places where sports or recreational activities are practiced indoors
  • Places where group music, art, dance, and drama activities are practiced indoors, including bands, choirs, dance and music classes
  • Indoor entertainment facilities (arcades, trampoline parks, bowling alleys, billiard halls, golf, laser tag, indoor playgrounds, and paintball)
  • Bars and lounges
  • Restaurants (indoor seated dining only; does not apply to outdoor patios, take-out, delivery, or drive-thru services)
  • Cinemas and performance spaces
  • Bingo halls
  • Personal service establishments including spas, esthetic services, hair salons, barber shops, body piercing, tattooing and tanning salons
  • Car dealerships
  • Long-term care homes, personal care homes, assisted living facilities, community care homes (visitors and staff only; does not apply to residents living in these settings)

Proof of vaccination is required for all individuals accessing these settings, including staff, students and volunteers. Note: people entering businesses and settings for work purposes have until December 1, 2021 to be fully vaccinated.

Examples of where proof of vaccination is not required

Proof of vaccination is not required at the following businesses and settings:

  • School-based activities that take place during day
  • Before and after school programs
  • Child care
  • Post-secondary institutions
  • Retail stores, shopping malls, and public markets
  • Health care facilities, including private health clinics
  • Community agencies offering essential services (e.g. Family Resource Centres, shelters)
  • Taxis and public transit
  • Hotel and bed and breakfast accommodations
  • Places where government and other public services are offered (e.g. public libraries, Service NL)
  • Financial institutions

Fully Vaccinated

You are considered fully vaccinated when at least two weeks has passed since your final dose of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine.

  • The Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, and AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD vaccines consist of two doses.
  • The Janssen vaccine consists of one dose.

You are also considered fully vaccinated if you received one or two doses of a non-Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine, followed by one dose of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), and at least two weeks has passed since the mRNA dose.


All individuals ages 12 years and older are required to show identification with their proof of vaccination. This must include their name and date of birth. For people ages 19 years and older, the identification must include a photo.

Your name on your identification must match the name on your proof of vaccination. If it does not, the business or organization may request a second piece of identification.

Age Group ID requirements Examples
19+ Name, date of birth, photo
  • Driver’s license
  • Government Identification Card
  • Passport
  • Secure Certificate of Indian Status
  • Student identification (ID) card
12-18 Name, date of birth
  • Birth certificate
  • MCP Card
  • Photo identification noted above

Children and youth

Children who turn 12 have three months from their birthday to get fully vaccinated. Businesses and organizations will check the child’s identification to confirm that it has been less than three months since their 12th birthday. If this is the case, they will be able to access certain businesses and activities without showing proof of vaccination.

Children and youth ages 12 to 18 years are not required to provide proof of vaccination in the following settings:

  • Arenas
  • Indoor gyms and fitness facilities, yoga studios, and dance studios
  • Places where sports or recreational activities are practiced indoors
  • Places where group music, art, dance, and drama activities are practiced indoors

Children and youth are required to provide proof of vaccination in all other settings where proof of vaccination is required.

Medical Exemptions

Exemptions will be considered for people who cannot get a COVID-19 vaccine due to specific medical reasons. These medical reasons are:

  • Severe allergy or anaphylactic reaction to a previous dose of COVID-19 vaccine or to any of its components
  • Diagnosed episode of myocarditis/pericarditis after receipt of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine

More details on how individuals with these conditions can get an approved exemption will be available soon.

People with with approved exemptions will be issued a COVID-19 vaccination record QR code. Businesses and organizations will not be able to tell who has a medical exemption.

Out-of-Province Proof of Vaccination

If you do not have a valid Newfoundland and Labrador MCP card, you can use your vaccination record from your home province, territory or country to show proof of vaccination. Your proof of vaccination must clearly indicate that you are fully vaccinated (14 days since your last dose of a Health Canada approved COVID-19 vaccine). You must also show identification.

If you receive at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine outside of the province and you have an MCP card, you can have your out-of-province vaccinations added to your Electronic Health Record. Learn more: submit out-of-province vaccination records.

Protecting your Personal Information

Your COVID-19 Vaccination Record QR Code contains your name, date of birth, and vaccination details. You should treat your QR code as personal health information. Do not share your QR code on social media. You should only share your QR code with trusted businesses and organizations using the NLVaxVerify app.

Businesses are required to use the NLVaxVerify app to scan your QR code. You can request the business or organization to show you their device screen to verify they are using NLVaxVerify prior to presenting your QR code. NLVaxVerify includes the Newfoundland and Labrador logo on the verification screen.

The NLVaxVerify app can only read:

  • Your name
  • If you are fully vaccinated or have an approved medical exemption

NLVaxVerify does not store any information about you or your COVID-19 vaccination record.

Businesses and organizations are not allowed to keep a copy of your QR code or identification. They may keep a record that your QR code has been previously verified, with your consent, if you access a business or organization often (e.g. a gym). You can withdraw your consent at any time, and the business/organization will be required to destroy the records.