With a hunger striker already on its doorstep, DFO had protesters to contend with as well today.
The protesters stepped up activities forcing a shutdown of DFO offices in St. John’s.
Fishing gear blocks the road that leads to DFO in St. John’s. Protestors say they weren’t blocking people from getting to work, but most workers were turning around and leaving – especially given one of the protestors took great efforts to videotape people trying to get to work.
Ryan Cleary of Fish-NL said that “every fisher knows the fishery is in trouble” and that includes this young man, Lucas Wilkinson from change islands. Hunger striker Richard Gillett says that is why he has set up outside DFO.
Gillett is vice-president of Fish-NL. The president of that organization Ryan Cleary says Gillett’s hunger strike is something he is doing on his own separate from Fish-NL. Gillett says he’s staying where he is even if it means dire consequences for his health. Cleary accused government of playing politics with Gillett’s life.