One thought on “Protest held against cuts to Marine Atlantic schedule

  1. Paul Brake the Newfoundland Libertarian

    The answer is a free market. The government has never, is not, and will never operate a business as well or as efficiently as a private organization. The CBC is a perfect example. They are competing on an otherwise level playing field with all the other networks, yet we the taxpayers, have to dump over a Billion dollars every year into it to keep it afloat.

    So how about we open up the ferry crossing to competition. We allow anyone with a safe, functioning ferry to transport passengers and vehicles. Then we will get more crossings, better service and a better price. Remember the CBC analogy here.

    Then once the free market is up an running, Marine Atlantic will not be able to compete. At which time you sell it off to the free market. Nobody will lose their jobs, workers will simply have a different person signing their paycheques. Then that money that you raise from selling those crown assets you use to pay down the debt. Everybody wins.

    That is how the Libertarian Party of Newfoundland and Labrador would solve many of the issues today. Employ the free market economy and remove barriers to trade.

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