In an ideal world, teens wouldn’t be drinking or doing drugs. But this isn’t an ideal world and teens do drink, use drugs and sometimes die as a result. A new program called “Protect Your Pal” hopes to change that.

Sean Murphy designed the course after responding to an incident more than a decade ago in Conception Bay South where a young person died after drinking too much.



While most programs offered in high schools are designed to keep teens from drinking or using drugs, Protect Your Pal takes a different approach.

Murphy says they don’t condone drugs or alcohol use. They know that teenagers are using them. He provides information to teens on how to look for signs that something is wrong.
Murphy along with Joanne Cull, an Eastern Health Outreach worker, has been visiting schools and speaking to students about how to protect themselves and their friends. He says while students are told how to notice the signs that a friend is in trouble, and how to provide basic first aid, it doesn’t replace the need for professionals. The program is free to schools.

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