2 thoughts on “Preparations underway for 2014 Salmon Festival

  1. Bad Experience

    Of course the smart ones were the people who sat on the hill outside the fence overlooking the park.

  2. Bad Experience

    My girlfriend and I traveled from Toronto to Newfoundland primarily to see the Salmon Festival but also to tour and see the province. We had an excellent time up until the Salmon Festival. The camping and RV park was in a soggy field, shuttle bus distance from the venue with non-existent security or plan. The camping area was a free for all with loud music all night. We paid extra for the VIP area with the advertisement saying that there would be a much smaller crowd with easy access to washrooms and vendors. We bought the VIP tickets thinking that there would be room and no crowding. The reality was it was way oversold, security, again was non existent. The vendors ran out of water at 4 pm and the answer was to hose down the crowd in front of the stage. The walkway in front of the stage, the centre aisle and the wings were allowed to be filled with people. The bridge to the concession stand and washrooms was allowed to be filled with people and their chairs. All the exits were blocked with a thick crowd of people. In my opinion if there had been something that caused the crowd to panic people would have died. Someone fainted and the EMT personnel had trouble getting to her. People near the stage had brought lawn chairs but people were allowed to stand in between the rows blocking their view. They stand up holding their chairs. Now those aisles disappeared. People staggering drunk with four beers in their hands careening through the crowd. I have never, at any concert, seen so many drunken louts in my life. The concert, in my opinion, was not safe and certainly was a bad experience. I would not recommend this festival at all if you value your well being. It was a shame that bad experience spoiled our vacation. We had planned to come back and RV around the whole coast, not now.

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