Premier Dwight Ball returned to St. John’s on Sunday evening, but he would not speak to the media Monday about Muskrat Falls or his upcoming meeting with aboriginal leaders. That has the opposition calling on him to shuffle his cabinet and give up the aboriginal affairs portfolio. NTV’s Michael Connors reports.

Meanwhile, St. John’s East MP Nick Whalen waded into the debate on Sunday. NDP leader Earle McCurdy had said on NTV’s Issues & Answers that if Nalcor can’t afford to clear the Muskrat Falls reservoir, it can’t afford to flood the reservoir. Whalen called McCurdy’s comments “ridiculous,” and advised people to eat less fish if methlmercury levels get too high.

On Monday evening, Whalen issued an apology on his Facebook page:

“I would like to apologize to the people of Labrador and all Canadians for the insensitive comments I made on social media and regret any offense I have caused. I am encouraged that the Premier will be visiting Happy Valley-Goose Bay and meeting with community leaders to try and make progress for the people of Labrador in the days ahead.”


The premier’s office later confirmed the meeting will be in St. John’s.