Premier Dwight Ball has obtained an injunction prohibiting broadcast of details of a warrant issued as part of the police investigation into Brandon Phillips, who is on trial for murder.

Ball’s daughter, Jade, used to be in a relationship with Phillips. After the shooting in October 2015, Jade Ball was under surveillance, as were Dwight Ball’s apartment and vehicle. Ball was leader of the opposition at the time.

The premier’s lawyer, Patrick O’Flaherty, issued a statement Tuesday:

“In October 2015, Dwight Ball, as a private citizen, provided information of his own accord to the police regarding a homicide. He recognizes that as a public figure his actions in assisting the police in 2015 are now arguably a matter of public interest. But as a father, he has acted to protect the privacy of an innocent person. He cannot comment on this matter while it is before the courts.”