Memorial University’s campus in St. John’s was closed Thursday morning as police investigated “suspicious activity.” The university made the announcement on Twitter.

The RNC later tweeted that it was investigating a report of a person with a weapon, but no weapons were found in the area. A man has been detained under the Mental Health Care Act.

University Twitter accounts announced that the all-clear has been given and the campus is open again.

The university issued a news release saying Campus Enforcement and Patrol had received reports from two sources of a suspicious male, possibly with a weapon, so police were contacted. There were multiple sightings in different areas of the campus.


Police say they were called to the campus at around 7:50 a.m. in response a report that a man was carrying a firearm near the student centre.

“The report that the male was carrying a firearm was determined to be unfounded, and there is no evidence that the person was armed at any point,” the RNC said in a news release.