The Ace was a no-go last night in the Gould’s but two men will go to court following separate incidents in the town.

It was busy night for patrolling officers, Police responded to two cases in the area. A 54 year-old intoxicated male was found behind the wheel, operating over the legal limit. He will appear in court at a later date. Another man was arrested just an hour later after fleeing a two vehicle collision. The man was found walking from the scene. He was arrested and charged with two breaches of court orders, driving while suspended, without insurance and failing to transfer ownership. He owed close to 10 thousand dollars in fines. The man was held for court while his vehicle was sent for impound.

The elusive Ace remains in the deck after last night. Wednesday’s Chase the Ace draw in the Gould’s saw thousands gather in the community. George Chaulk pulled the 9 of Spades taking home the consolation prize over $185,000. The escalating jackpot has now grown near 1.24 million dollars!