Police have found and arrested wanted man Dominic Delisle after putting out a search warning on Monday.

The RNC found Delisle on Torbay Road. He initially fled from police in a vehicle but was apprehended a short time later. In addition to the outstanding charges as part of the arrest warrant, he is now further charged with Flight from Police and Dangerous Driving.

On Feb. 4, police received a complaint from woman who had rented a furnished condo to a man and woman in January of 2018. Thee complainant discovered that the pair had moved out of the condo and taken most of the furnishings.

As a result of this investigation, arrest warrants were issued for the suspects. On Friday, police arrested Sarah Daneault at a business in the east end of St. John’s. However, Dominic Delisle was still wanted on charges of theft over $5,000, Personation with Intent, and Uttering Forged Document.

The RNC, with the assistance of Montreal RCMP and the Quebec City Police Department, have since located and recovered the nearly $30,000 worth of stolen property from a storage locker in Quebec City.