Anne Squires (file)

An agreement between the Crown and Anne Squires appears likely after her trial, which was  set to get under way this morning, was set over until later this month.

Anne Squires (file)

Squires is facing charges of theft, fraud, forgery and breach of trust. Her real estate company, Exit Realty on the Rock, collapsed three years ago. At the time 60 people worked there.

Squires’ trial was set to begin this morning. She wasn’t there, but her lawyer Randy Piercey said both sides in the dispute are close to reaching a deal, and that there is only a single outstanding issue that needs to be resolved.

The charges against Squires allege she took money from the company’s trust account, and acquired loans using fake sales agreements. Exit Realty on the Rock’s license was suspended in 2016. Following that, the company went into receivership then declared bankruptcy.