Political science students at Memorial University had a unique class exercise Thursday, hosting a debate of the two PC Party leadership candidates, Ches Crosbie and Tony Wakeham.

Crosbie began his opening statements demanding government be held accountable for pushing through the Muskrat Falls project without enough consultation. He described Nalcor as being part of the “deep state,” a term that has become popular in American political discourse.

Wakeham spoke of his business background and his time as CEO of Labrador-Grenfell Health. He says working from the ground up is necessary to achieve success.

Questioned focused on the government’s spending problems, health care, Muskrat Falls cost overruns and future electricity rates.


Both candidates shared concerns about rising electricity bills when Muskrat Falls comes online. They also worried about an ailing healthcare system that has some of the highest costs and poorest outcomes in Canada.