It’s been a remarkable season for Marystown native, Kaetlyn Osmond, winning gold and bronze at this years winter Olympics and more recently becoming World Champion.

Osmond is taking it year-by-year as to whether or not she’ll be competing at the next winter Olympics in four years time. “The Olympics are one of the best experiences ever. I’ve had the opportunity to compete in two and I’ve met so many great friends and it’s always so exciting to get to go there and represent Canada,” Osmond has three medals from two games. “Four years from now is a lot to think about right now, especially after this season but I’m going to be taking it year-by-year and if that leads to another four then that would be incredible.”

Winning an Olympic bronze and gold medal and landing on top of the podium at worlds leaves many wondering how the 22 year-old can top this season… “It has bee

n an incredible season and I’ve had the opportunity to hit the podium at each competition this year, which is something I’ve never done before.” But there’s one thing Osmond still wants to claim. “It would be nice to regain my national title, being able to say I was World Champion and everything this year was incredible but it’s a little sore spot for me to say that I didn’t get my National title, so that would be my goal for the next season.”

NTV’s Kelly-Anne Roberts also asked Osmond if she knows what next seasons programs will look? “No idea.” Osmond says as she giggles. “Usually I know by the world championship an approximate of what I’m going to be skating to, like there’s a few ideas, but this year has just been so busy.”

And for those who have fallen in-love with her short program…Edith Piaf won’t be returning for a third season. Before the question was fully asked Osmond was quick to answer, again with a smile and a giggle. “No, I love Edith and I love Black Swan, and both those programs have meant a lot to me and this is probably the first time that I’m going to be upset leaving a program but they’ve had their moment.”

Kelly-Anne asked some even harder hitting questions, including what the young stars favourite cheat meal is, what she’s currently binge watching and you’ll never guess what sport Osmond would like to be competitive at if she wasn’t a skater. You can watch it all right here.