RCMP officer Cameron Lockhart has been found guilty on one count of assault. The jury returned the verdict this afternoon in Supreme Court after three days of deliberation. However, he was found not guilty of the other seven charges.

Lockhart was arrested back in 2014.

Two women from previous relationships had accused Lockhart of five separate counts of assault. He called four of the five the assault accusations false and completely fabricated. He recalled one incident as a gentle accident, blown out of proportion by an alleged victim.

Lockhart also faced an uttering threat charge and two counts of mischief for allegedly destroying a cell phone and jewelry in what the alleged victims described as jealousy-fuelled arguments.

Lockhart claimed those three incidents did not happen at all.

The jury, made up of eight women and four men, had been sequestered since Monday, meaning they couldn’t return to their homes until a final verdict was reached.

NTV’s Ryan Harding reports.