The Nuntsiavut Government is raising concerns about the RCMP investigation inot the death of a 23-year-old Inuk woman.

The woman’s body was found Friday in a makeshift tent near Happy Valley-Goose Bay. Nunatsiavut Presdient Johannes Lampe said in a statement that his organization believes police made assumptions about the cause of death, failed to interview key witnesses and properly secure the scene, and may have left potential evidence behind.

Lampe wants to know if the investigation would have been handled differently had the woman not been a homeless Indigenous woman living in a tent.

The RCMP says it is aware of concerns about the cause of death circulating on social media. Police say the woman’s death was deemed not suspicious based on a thorough examination of the scene and interviews with multiple witnesses.


“This remains consistent with evidence available at this time,” the RCMP say.