Al Potter

Hundreds of thousands of dollars paid to police informants, including monthly allowances, has put the cost of Operation Bombard at over $2 million.

Operation Bombard was launched after the death of Dale Porter in 2014. He was killed outside his North River home following a night out at a local night club. Earlier this year Al Potter was convicted of killing Porter. During the course of Potter’s trial, informants testified to being paid by police. One said he received $300,000, plus $800 a week for nearly two years. Another informant testified he also was promised $150,000. Over five years, police investigating the murder spent more than a quarter of a million dollars in travel.

In addition to regular work days, officers also incurred more than $1.3 million in overtime. A major element of the police investigation was the Mr. Big sting operation. That operation saw police place a large pig in a hockey bag. The pig was portrayed to Potter as a body that he needed to dispose of. The pig and hockey bay cost $425 and included disposal of the animal. Operation Bombard netted more than just Potter. A second person will soon go on trial for the murder as well.

Police also arrested several members of the Vikings Motorcycle Gang, effectively shutting them down.