N.L. Premier Dwight Ball and Quebec Premier Francois Legault both apologized Monday morning for an inappropriate joke about PC leader Ches Crosbie.

Legault made the joke during a photo opportunity on Sunday evening. He was paying tribute to John Crosbie, who died on Friday, but then added that Ches Crosbie is not as good a speaker has his father was. Ball laughed in response.

The PC caucus responded by demanding an apology from both premiers.

“We were shocked and disappointed to hear the comments directed towards the Leader of the Official Opposition while he is mourning the death of his father. Both Premiers should apologize,” the caucus said in a statement.


“While we believe this behaviour was inappropriate, disrespectful and tasteless, we are focused on remembering the incredible legacy of a political icon and supporting our friend and leader, along with his family, at this very difficult time.”

Speaking to reporters at the Council of Atlantic Premiers, Legault admitted he should not have told the joke.

“It was not a good joke,” Legault said. “I was just trying to be nice to Dwight, but I should not have done the joke.”

Ball also apologized for his reaction.

“It was inappropriate and I did apologize,” Ball said. “I apologize for those comments.”