Witless Bay residents protest in support of men charged with kidnapping

Almost 200 people demonstrated in Witless Bay on Monday evening to support two men accused in an apparent case of vigilante justice. That support...

Food inspection reports suggest ongoing problems with rats in Avalon Mall

Officials at Cineplex and the Avalon Mall are acknowledging problems after multiple videos of rats roaming around the complex were posted online. They've increased...

Northern Arm copes with one town councillor after mass resignation

Five councillors resigned form the Northern Arm town council last week. NTV's Colleen Lewis reports on how the one remaining councillor is coping with...

Canada Post labour disruption looms before Christmas

There could be a disruption in mail service just in time for Christmas. CUPW has been without a contract for almost a year.

Marystown mayor says local people should get first consideration for aquaculture jobs

Marystown Mayor Sam Synard is trying to reassure residents that local people will get first consideration for jobs if the town becomes a major...

Several people take the stand in street-racing causing death trial

Testimony today in Supreme Court showed that even after a fatal collision on the New Harbour Barrons three years ago, one of the drivers...