NDP candidate Jordan Brown won the Labrador West recount by just two votes on Friday, holding the Liberal government to a minority in the House of Assembly.

Brown defeated Liberal candidate Graham Letto by just five votes on election night. Because the margin was fewer than 10, there had to be an automatic judicial recount. Lawyers for the three parties spent three days scrutinizing the ballots in open court in St. John’s.

Justice David Orsborn had to decide how to deal with a number of issues, including whether to count ballots that had unusual or indistinct markings. In the end, the margin between Brown and Letto narrowed by three votes.

The final count read in court was 1,364 votes for Jordan Brown, 1,362 votes for Graham Letto and 509 votes for PC candidate Derick Sharron.


It’s expected that Brown will be sworn as the MHA for Labrador West next week. Letto’s lawyer, Steve May, said it was too early to comment on whether there would be an appeal of the result.