Mother pleads for son’s mental health treatment after chainsaw incident

Tracy Adamson is afraid her son, Taylor Mitchell, is doomed to be swallowed up by the justice system after he was found fit to stand trial. Mitchell has been arrested and accused of chasing two people, including his own father, with a running chainsaw. Adamson says her son was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a teenager, then a drug addiction followed, but he never got the help he needs.

9 thoughts on “Mother pleads for son’s mental health treatment after chainsaw incident

  1. Sad

    The healthcare in this country/province is despicable. The Waterford should be shut down. They do not help anyone. I haven’t found help anywhere for my loved one. He has fallen through the cracks of every possible system out there and does not “qualify” for anything. We have personally contacted every board, every outreach centre and every program that exists, both in and out of province. Something needs to be done. There are a lot of people who need help, and none to be found. Please keep trying, as we will. Maybe one day, after enough heartbreak and death, someone will listen, someone will be able to do something, someone will care.

  2. Diane Dillon

    I know Tracy. She has been trying to get her son help forever. He does NOT deserve to be in prison! He needs mental health care. The system has failed him and the whole family, I know this first hand. I am so very sorry for the whole family. XOXO

  3. Lol

    He should get what he deserves. If i chased my dad with a chainsaw and said I was crazy I guess that means I should get away with it? What about when he snaps and goes after someone else? My friend is afraid of this man. I know of two woman actually who are. Hes shown up at their houses and msgs them on fb saying he loves them and ****. So what next? Those girls? Just sayin.

  4. june

    As a close friend of Taylors family,i see every day the struggles and support and love taylor recieves from his father and step-mother.I also see how hard it is on them financially and emotionally dealing with their son who has severe mental issues.Sometimes we have to push these issues through the court to get help,also any one who commits a crime who has a mental illiness can not be tried under the mental health act if the are not following their doctors orders and taking their medications.As for ms tracy didnt even know he had a mother who was alive as she has not been part of his life for many year.There is no doubt she is a mess.Lets hope we can overlook her wanting her fifteen minutes of fame and focus on who really needs the support.Taylor

  5. Tracy

    This interview was extremely hard for me to do. I did not want to do it. It is hard to be public about family struggles. I am now so glad I did. I just hope the right people listen and we get Taylor some help. It is heartbreaking to hear from mothers who have gone through the same thing. However for the first time in a while I feel like some people are routing for my boy! Right now I am a total mess, but what I am going through pales in comparison to what Taylor is going through so I will stay strong.

    As of late my son has been in and out of the Waterford constantly. Sometimes he would show up on his own begging for help and many times they would just send him on his way. It seems that every time he left after a short stay he was usually worse than when he entered, they would however give him more medication. I do not think for one minute that my son should not be held responsible for his actions and out on the streets. I just do not think that deeming him fit for trial and putting him in Jail is the answer. What happens when he has served his time and released? What will we be dealing with then? He needs proper Mental Health Care.

  6. Praying for a miracle

    Ida – your life sounds exactly like mine. I always knew my son had an issue and tried to get help since he was a young. He was finally diagnosed with schizophrenia when he was an adult and of course I have no say in his care. He is now in his mid 30’s and his life is is so sad. I also have had to call the police on several occasions because of violent behaviour and he has also been in and out of the Waterford. He has not been there in a few years and cannot bear to go there (can’t say that I blame him – it is an awful environment for these people struggling with their issues – it’s like people with mental issues are inferior and don’t need a clean, comfortable place to be hospitalized). He lives on his own and absolutely shouldn’t. I continually write letters to his Dr because even though the Dr can’t tell me anything, I feel a need to let him know what is really going on as he would never hear it from my son. I believe he is on too many meds that make him even worse and he picks and chooses what he wants. The system is so wrong. How can a person who can’t even decide what he wants for breakfast make important life decisions for himself. He lives on junk, doesn’t clean himself or his apt, takes his meds wrong and doesn’t have a friend in the world. He too spends money like water and I don’t have the heart to say no when I know he is probably hungry. I worry about him 24/7. I know in my heart I have done everything I possibly can for him including “praying for a miracle” – but it’s just not enough.

  7. r

    why isn’t he inan in a mental health hospital, instead of claiming he has no responsibility, these people should be treated the same as everyone else and pay for thier crimes.

  8. HopingForTheBest

    The justice system is horrible in Canada. This man needs MENTAL HEALTH CARE in a mental health institution. Placing him in prison is surely to end catastrophically. How many pleas need to occur? If you disagree with me please take the time to research Ashley Smith. This young man will not fare will in the prison system and will likely be locked up in solitary confinement or be a target of prison violence. Best of luck to this young man and his family, hopefully he receives the care that is needed.

  9. Ida Stroud

    I totally understand what this woman, Tracey Adamson is going through! My son Kevin Victor Stroud was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder when he was 24 after I had to call the police because he violently attacked me because I was trying to talk logic to him about going back to school or getting a job or doing something constructive with his life. He is 40 years old now and for 16 years he has been in and out of the Waterford hospital for short stays and spent 6 months in jail for something 3 years ago. I’m not sure why because he makes little or no sense when I talk to him. He should never have gone to jail! He needs treatment and not just in the short term but follow-ups and I don’t think he is equipped to live on his own. He doesn’t know how to handle money, I’m almost broke because of giving him money so he won’t starve or be out on the street. The big issue I have right at this moment is: He is currently at the Waterford Hospital and because he is 40 years old, he is not a minor and therefore I have no rights to get any information from the doctors and nurses without his permission. I understand the privacy issue but this rule should be changed in a situation of this nature because chronologically he is 40 but mentally he is only 12. I think the mental health care system in Newfoundland is inadequate. St. John’s as the only mental health care facility and it needs major improvement. The improvements I would like to see are more doctors and nurses, longer stays, intense and more accurate psychoanalysis not just meds, but go deep into the psychosis and see what the problems actually are! We are all damaged in some way and some of us just can’t cope with the stresses of every day existence. Try to give them ways to cope and make it mandatory to bee seen by a physiatrist at least 3 times a week to keep them stable and on the right track. Put them in work programs to give them a purpose, a reason to get out of bed in the morning. Many get depressed because they have no one to interact or talk with and are alone with their thoughts all day. Medications can only do so much and there is such a stigma attached to mental illness that most persons want nothing to do with the mentally challenged mostly because they are in fear of them. Fear brought about by misunderstanding and ignorance. There needs to be more than soup kitchens and half way houses for these people. As a parent of a very mentally sick young man, I feel so helpless and fearful of what will happen to my son when he does get out because I know he needs more than meds and a short stay at the Waterford Hospital to fix or at least help to fix his situation and I’ve tried everything within my power to help him but I am not equipped to help him. All I have are words and that does absolutely no good when they fall on deaf ears. So in closing, I wish Tracey and all the other parents of the mentally ill out there all the luck in the world and all my prayers go out to them and their mentally ill children. My heart breaks because I know until someone is seriously injured or dead nothing will change.

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