Most high school students will be going back to in-class instruction on alternating days after Easter under a modified Scenario 2, the Department of Education announced Wednesday.

Following updated public health guidance for K-12 Education, high school students who are currently attending online classes will move into a blended learning model. Under this modified Scenario 2 approach, high school classes will be split into two groups and students will alternate between in-class instruction and online attendance, with access five days each week. On days when students are not physically in class, they will be able to access the classroom remotely with their peers via Google Classroom.

These changes will take effect throughout the province starting on Wednesday, April 14. Teachers will be provided two days for transition time and professional learning on Monday, April 12 and Tuesday, April 13, during which time the Easter Break will be extended for high school students currently learning under Scenario 3.

Under this new guidance, classes that are not able to maintain cohorts in a school setting, including high school classes, are required to divide students into two separate groups who will attend in-person on alternating days. This, combined with the requirement for students to wear masks in school, should maximize distancing while minimizing the risk of transmission in a school setting.


All classes in the Francophone School District will remain in Scenario 1.

“Our number one priority has always been to keep students in school when it is safe to do so,” said Education Minister Tom Osborne. “In recent weeks we have worked closely with Dr. Fitzgerald and her team and with the NL English School District to find a solution that supports this priority while reducing the risk of a further outbreak. We recognize the value of in-person instruction, and it is my hope that if we all remain mindful of public health guidelines we can maintain this approach for the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.”


High School Scenarios

Effective Wednesday, April 14, high school students who are currently attending online classes will move into a blended learning model (Scenario 2), which will see students alternating between in-class instruction and remote access to their classrooms five days a week. Specific start times and schedules will be communicated to staff, students and families by the school administration.

High school students currently attending in-class instruction full time (Scenario 1) will continue to do so. Some smaller schools may move from Scenario 2 to Scenario 1 if it is feasible. K-9 arrangements remain unchanged at this time.



Scenario 1 – In-class Instruction 

Dunne Memorial (K-12)

Fatima Academy (K-12)

Horizon Academy

Hospital School

St. Catherine’s Academy (K-12)

Stella Maris Academy (K-12)

Scenario 2 – Blended Learning – Effective April 14

Ascension Collegiate

Baccalieu Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)

Baltimore School (Grades 10-12 only)

Carbonear Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)

Crescent Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)

Gonzaga Regional High

Holy Heart Regional High

Holy Spirit High (Grades 9-12)

Holy Trinity High (Grades 10-12 only)

Laval High School (Grades 10-12 only)

Mobile Central High (Grades 10-12 only)

Mount Pearl Senior High (Grades 10-12 only)

O’Donel High School

Prince of Wales Collegiate

Queen Elizabeth Regional High

Roncalli Central High (Grades 10-12 only)

St. Kevin’s High (Grades 10-12 only)

St. Michael’s Regional High (Grades 10-12 only)

Waterford Valley High



Scenario 1 – In-class Instruction

Amos Comenius Memorial School (K-12)

Bayside Academy (K-12)

BL Morrison School (K-12)

Henry Gordon Academy (K-12)

JC Erhardt Memorial School (K-12)

Jens Haven Memorial School (K-12)

Labrador Straits Academy (K-12)

Lake Melville School (K-12)

Northern Lights Academy (K-12)

St. Lewis Academy (K-12)

St. Mary’s All Grade (K-12)

St. Peter’s School (K-12)

William Gillett Academy (K-12)

Scenario 2 – Blended Learning – Effective April 14

Mealy Mountain Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only) Menihek High School (Grades 10-12 only)



Scenario 1 – In-class Instruction 


All Saints All-Grade (K-12)

Bonne Bay Academy (K-12)

Burgeo Academy (K-12)

Canon Richards Memorial (K-12)

Cape John Collegiate (7-12)

Cloud River Academy (K-12)

E. A. Butler All-Grade (K-12)

French Shore Academy (K-12)

Grandy’s River Collegiate (K-12)

Gros Morne Academy (K-12)

Hampden Academy (K-12)

Holy Cross All-Grade (K-12)

Jakeman All-Grade (K-12)

James Cook Memorial (K-12)

Long Range Academy (K-12)

MSB Regional Academy (K-12)

Main River Academy (K-12)

Mary Simms All-Grade (K-12)

St. Boniface All-Grade (K-12)

St. James All-Grade (K-12)

St. Peter’s Academy, Westport (K-12)

St. Simon & St. Jude Academy (K-12)

Valmont Academy (K-12)

Viking Trail Academy (K-12)

Scenario 2 – Blended Learning – Effective April 14

Bayview Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Belanger Memorial (Grades 10-12 only)

Copper Ridge Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Corner Brook Regional High

Dorset Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)

Elwood Regional High

Indian River High (Grades 10-12 only)

Pasadena Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Piccadilly Central High (Grades 10-12 only)

St. James Regional High (Grades 10-12 only)

Stephenville High

Templeton Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

White Hills Academy (Grades 10-12 only)


Scenario 1 – In-class Instruction

A.R. Scammell Academy (K-12)

Bishop White School (K-12)

Christ the King School (K-12)

Cottrell’s Cove Academy (K-12)

Fitzgerald Academy (K-12)

Fortune Bay Academy (K-12)

Gill Memorial (K-12)

Holy Cross School (K-12)

Holy Name of Mary Academy (K-12)

J.M. Olds Collegiate (7-12)

John Watkins Academy (K-12)

King Academy (7-12)

Lakeside Academy (K-12)

Point Leamington Academy (K-12)

Random Island Academy (K-12)

Southwest Arm Academy (K-12)

St. Gabriel’s All Grade (K-12)

St. Joseph’s Academy (K-12)

St. Joseph’s All-Grade (K-12)

St. Lawrence Academy (K-12)

St. Mark’s School (K-12)

St. Peter’s All Grade (K-12)

St. Stephen’s All Grade (K-12)

Swift Current Academy (K-12)

Tricentia Academy (K-12)

Victoria Academy (K-12)

Scenario 2 – Blended Learning – Effective April 14

Bay d’Espoir Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Botwood Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)

Clarenville High

Discovery Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)

Exploits Valley High

Fogo Island Academy(Grades 10-12 only)

Gander Collegiate

Glovertown Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Heritage Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)

J.M. Olds Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)

Jane Collins Academy

John Burke High School (Grades 10-12 only)

Lakewood Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Leo Burke Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Lewisporte Collegiate

Marystown Central High

New World Island Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Pearson Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Phoenix Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Riverwood Academy (Grades 10-12 only)

Smallwood Academy (Grades 10-12 only)